monkey Be chimp guardian

icon chimpAt Tchimpounga in Congo-Brazzaville, our orphanage hosts around 160 chimpanzees. These chimps usually arrive as maltreated babies in a bad medical condition. Our specialized JGI staff provides the necessary medical care, appropriate food  and lots of affection to make them thrive again.

Through JGI Belgium, you can make a difference by adopting three wonderful baby chimps: Lemba, Mbebo and Mambou. We invite you to become a Chimp Guardian of one of them: we have several types of adoption packages for adults and now also a Chimp Guardian Junior pack and a special adoption package for schools/classes!

A Chimp Guardianship supports these chimps and their caretakers at Tchimpounga! A Chimp Guardianship, includes food and medical care for the baby chimps AND supports the wage of the local staff working at the orphanage. It is a wonderful gift for animals and people!