monkey Be chimp guardian

icon chimpAt Tchimpounga in Congo-Brazzaville, our orphanage hosts around 160 chimpanzees. These chimps usually arrive as maltreated babies in a bad medical condition. Our specialized JGI staff provides the necessary medical care, appropriate food  and lots of affection to make them thrive again.

Through JGI Belgium, you can make a difference by adopting three wonderful baby chimps: Lemba, Mbebo and Mambou. We invite you to become a Chimp Guardian of one of them: we have several types of adoption packages for adults and now also a Chimp Guardian Junior pack and a special adoption package for schools/classes!

A Chimp Guardianship supports these chimps and their caretakers at Tchimpounga! A Chimp Guardianship, includes food and medical care for the baby chimps AND supports the wage of the local staff working at the orphanage. It is a wonderful gift for animals and people!


bananas Banana delivery!

You can also choose a banana delivery! We made these cute support cards for those who want to supplement their Chimp Guardianship with some extra support, or for children who love all three chimps and cannot choose between them.