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The Jane Goodall Institute and the multimedia technologies company eZOO* have come together to launch “Cheempo”, a cute stuffed toy chimp with “augmented reality” support that, with your help, can contribute towards protecting real chimpanzees in Africa.

CheempoeZOO’s primary goals are to educate and support the protection and conservation of biodiversity. For this reason, they have created the “Cheempo” Project. This cuddly chimpanzee, which will also exist as a virtual character, can be acquired through a crowdfunding campaign, which appeals to committed individuals like you to make the project a reality. eZOO will allocate 50% of the sales for supporting Jane Goodall Institute projects, with special emphasis on the Tchimpounga Rehabilitation Centre for orphaned chimps in the Congo, as well as the research and conservation programme for wild chimpanzees in Senegal, where one of the babies born this year was named Cheempo! This baby is the second son of Txika, an important female in the group that lives in the Dindefelo Commune Natural Reserve, created and protected with the assistance of the Jane Goodall Institute team working in the field.

CheempoThe pack costs €20 (and is proportionally cheaper if more packs are bought), plus shipping (to anywhere in the world), and includes the cuddly soft toy and bonus “augmented reality” content for your smartphone or tablet. In this way, if you show your support on this page using the Indiegogo platform, not only will you receive your cute Cheempo pack in 2016, but you will also be helping to save real chimpanzees thanks to the projects carried out by the Jane Goodall Institute in Africa. Get involved and tell more people about this project!

On behalf of all the chimpanzees that will benefit from your help, we send you our most heartfelt thanks.

The Jane Goodall Institute team

* Ezoo aims to help to change the ethical and educational paradigms in zoos, by promoting new technologies and virtual installations to show animals in their natural habitat, preventing the use of animals in captivity for entertainment (www.ezoo.ws).

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