jane Chimp guardianship for classes


At Tchimpounga in Congo-Brazzaville, our orphanage hosts around 160 chimpanzees. These chimps usually arrive as maltreated babies in a bad medical condition. Our specialized JGI staff provides the necessary medical care, appropriate food and lots of affection to make them thrive again.
Through JGI Belgium, your class can make a difference by adopting three wonderful baby chimps: Lemba, Mbebo and Mambou. Here you can read about them and see their videos to use in the class. We invite you to become a Chimp Guardian of one of them. Have a look at our special packages specifically designed for student groups:

Becoming a Chimp Guardian:

A Chimp Guardianship includes food and medical care for the baby chimps and supports the wage of the local staff working at the orphanage. Adopting a chimp is a fun and exciting way to educate young people about problems and issues and then to discover ways to make the world a better place.

Chimp Guardian Packet:

By becoming a Chimp Guardian you will receive a packet that will include the following:

  • An adoption certificate
  • Information about your chimp through our chimpie news
  • A photo of your chimp
  • A fact sheet about the Tchimpounga orphanage
  • Stickers for the students (20 free stickers per class; supplements on request)


Class rate: 100 Euros for a class to adopt a chimp
Extra stickers: If you wish to do so you can also purchase 10 extra stickers for 5 €
Banana delivery: for those that wish to supplement their Chimp Guardianship with extra support we also offer a banana delivery certificate! This is also a great option to help out more than one chimp if your class has trouble choosing between our adorable chimps.