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Timi, like Petit Prince, is in Group 3 and is also affected by the absence of Kitoko from his group. Timi also uses the avoidance strategy when it comes to conflict management. He really has no interest in being a high ranking male in his group, and he is happy to just sit in the middle and be invisible. But the absence of Kitoko has caused an unsettling period within his group and for the first time, Timi has been involved in some of the scuttles between the ambitious males. Timi and Petit Prince, who are good friends, would make a great leadership team, but it is unlikely that Timi will allow himself to be that involved. So we will all have to wait and see what will come out of all this turmoil.

In the meantime, the water system in Tchimpounga is having a major overhaul. The veterinary team found that one of the wells being used as a source of water for Tchimpounga has become contaminated. In order to avoid putting the chimpanzees at risk of serious illness or fatalities, this water system overhaul had to take place. So, all the water tanks are being replaced, in addition to new piping and a filtration system that is being installed. This unusual activity is of great interest to Timi, who sits high up on the observation platforms or along the fenceline, observing carefully what his human caregivers are working on.

JGI’s Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center is a sanctuary and does not breed the animals in our care. Through the use of contraceptive measures, JGI takes all possible precautions against the accidental breeding of chimpanzees in our care.

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