monkey Chimpanzee – The movie

This amazing film follows a chimp community and in particular little Oscar. While the film crew was filming the true story of Oscar happened before their eyes. There are no animation or tricks used in this film and it is really beautiful to see how each chimp has a different character and identity, just like it is among us humans.

They live like us. They love like us. They play like us. In 2013, discover a community that resembles us. “Chimpanzee”. Now in Belgian cinemas.


ChimpanzeeDisneyDisneyNature produced a wonderful educational kit for 2-6th grade classes and we will promote it through our Roots&Shoots programme: classes which sign up for R&S can get the educational kit send to them for free. We hope to be able to offer the French and Dutch translation soon.

You can link this educational kit to some action, real R&S projects like starting a mobile phone collection and talk about the connection between chimps, peace in Africa, and your mobile phone; or fundraise for one of our projects of Hope or for the class to become a patron of one of our baby chimps. Have a look at other educational tools on our educators page.

For a small fee, we can visit your class dressed up as a chimp to come and talk with the students about these amazing cousins. If you want, we can also talk about the mobile phone campaign, peace in Africa, the chimp guardian programme, and our Projects of Hope.