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Thanks to the Fondation Roi Baudouin, any donations you make towards the construction of the new veterinary block on the banks of the Kouilou river are tax deductible!

The Jane Goodall Institute Belgium is financing the building of a veterinary block at base camp across from the island of Tchindzoulou in the Republic of Congo. This is part of a project to release chimpanzees into their natural environment within the Tchimpounga reserve.

If you’ve seen the amazing video of Wounda you’ll already be aware that the Jane Goodall Institute is running a major project to release chimpanzees into their natural habitat. To this end, three islands with wild forest habitat are being adapted in the Kouilou river in the Tchimpounga nature reserve. About thirty individuals have already been released on to these islands, including Kudia, Petit Prince and Timi, who were part of our adoption programme until 2013.

Orphan Kudia on Tchindzoulou IslandWounda at Tchindzoulou Island

The plan is that a total of 120 chimpanzees will released for rehabilitation on these islands. These chimpanzees have been victims of poaching and illegal trade in animals. Two out of the three islands, Tchibebe and Tchindzoulou, are almost ready. The infrastructure includes night shelters for the chimpanzees, a kitchen, a veterinary block and even eco-lodges for visitors.

For 20 years, the Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Centre has taken in chimpanzees who have suffered as a result of human activities, often illegal. Despite prevention and education campaigns, numbers have continued to grow over the years. There are currently 170 residents, and it became essential to release some of them in order to free up space in the sanctuary, but also to keep alive the hope of a better life for these chimpanzees who have already suffered so much.

Map-Tchimpounga-Center-and-Islandsvet unit

With the help of the Congolese government, the Jane Goodall Institute was able to integrate the islands of Tchibebe, Tchindzoulou and Ngombe into the Tchimpounga Nature Reserve (TNR), which meant that 120 chimpanzees could be released into a natural environment. These islands are also a place of safety for the great apes as there are no predators. The three islands make up a total of almost 160 hectares and provide fruit trees and other plants for the delectation of the chimpanzees. However, the JGI team will always be able supplement their diet during the dry season, with food prepared in the on-site kitchen blocks.

The Jane Goodall Institute Belgium has decided to support this project actively by collecting money to build a veterinary block for preventive medicine. This block will be built across from the island of Tchindzoulou. The estimated budget is 25,875 euro.

The Fondation Roi Baudouin is assisting with this project. Donations to the foundation are tax-deductible as of 40 euro. (art. 104. CIR)

Please donate to Fondation Roi Baudouin on the account number BE10 0000 0000 0404, BIC: BPOTBEB1, the Fondation Roi Baudouin, with 128/2662/00057 in the communications field.

Thanks you very much for your support.
The Jane Goodall Institute team, Belgium and Congo.