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child planting close upYes, we accept monetary donations to help with the ongoing projects that JGI is involved in. In its simplest form you can make a cash contribution giving us the maximum flexibility to distribute the donation to priority projects. Alternatively, you can choose the destination of your contribution by selecting to donate to our Projects of Hope or to support local underprivileged youth through the Roots&Shoots programme here in Belgium.

Donations to our Projects of Hope can be in any amount of your choice to help projects in places such as the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), improving the lives of the local communities and local animals. Perhaps you would like to become a Chimp Guardian and make a difference on a daily basis in the lives of these wonderful creatures. Our ultimate donation level is to become a Platinum Member.

To support the underprivileged youth in our local area, check out the sponsorship cards below.

With all donations, you will receive a wonderful gift card or certificate as a proof of your generosity! For payment details please click here, and thank you for considering JGI as your beneficiary!

Donations to the Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots programme

If you choose to help underprivileged children to participate in our Belgian Roots & Shoots programme, here is what we offer. We organize educational and action-oriented workshops with a goal of enabling the children to start up their own projects for Animals, People and the Environment. Helping is simple, and makes a long term impact on the lives of these children.

Sponsorship cards for annual tree planting event

If you choose to help underprivileged Roots & Shoots children to participate at our annual tree planting event, you can purchase a sponsorship card below.

Every year, we gather people of all ages and backgrounds to plant a forest for one day in Belgium. There is a special coordinator assigned to guide the children at the event and to talk with them about the importance of trees. These children will leave the event as little tree ambassadors.

Please note that donations to JGI Belgium are not yet tax deductible. You can, however, receive a tax deduction for a donation of €40 a year or more via the King Baudouin Foundation.

THANK YOU for making a difference for Animals, People and Environment (APE)

by supporting the work of JGI Belgium