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The jury composed of JGI team and the photographers Karin and Pia have selected 12 award winning drawings out of the hundred drawings received.

Children have a rich fantasy, that’s well known and proven! We want to use this fantasy and strengthen it by organising a drawing competition. It won’t be a normal drawing competition though, as it will be one where Belgian and Tanzanian children will get connected.

The best drawings will be published in the book ‘Magic of Hope’ which will be put together by Karin Van Couwenberg (wildlife photographer http://www.wildlife-photography.be), Pia Dierickx (http://www.nature-photography.be) and Matthew Copham (http://www.safarifootprints.com). During the month of October Karin, Pia and Matthew visited Tanzania to concentrate on photographing wild animals.

They have visited 5 schools where Roots&Shoots groups are active:
Olmotonyo School
Azimio School
Burka School
Moshono School
Kaloleni School

They have talked about conservation and asked the kids to draw animals and came home with some amazing results.
The next step is to collect drawings from Roots&Shoots schools in Belgium.

The theme of the contest is: “Make a drawing of wild animals”

The purpose of the competition is to find out how children here and in Tanzania see wild animals. It could be that for instance children here only see wild animals in zoos behind bars while the perception of children in Tanzania might be completely different.

Practical informationDrawing-kids

Deadline postponed: send in your drawings by 31st of January 2015.

All drawing material, whether it’s pencil, color pencils, paint, .. can be used. Only drawings on A4 will be accepted. After the drawings have been delivered the best 10-15 art works will be chosen by a jury.

The winners will be invited to an awards ceremony. Everyone between 6 and 15 years old can take part!

The drawings can be sent by mail to the Jane Goodall Institute Belgium, Nijverheidsstraat 10, 1000 Brussel or via email (high resolution copies) to info@janegoodall.be. Don’t forget to mention the school, the name and age of the artist.

We really hope you’ll be able to motivate and inspire the youth to take part in our competition. We hope that with your help this project will turn into a big success!

Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you might need more information.

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