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jeudi veggieJGI Belgium supports the Belgian campaign Thursday Veggie Day. This campaign encourages people in a positive way to discover vegetarian food  and thus reduce their ecological footprint. The vegetarian organisation EVA launched it in Ghent in 2009 and now they joined forces with Planete Vie to spread it in Brussels and later in Wallonia.

Dr. Jane Goodall wrote about this topic in her book Harvest for Hope and therefore she was interviewed for the Belgian movie LoveMEATender, made by Planète-Vie.

The film LoveMEATender shows in a humoristic and positive way that we urgently need to do something about the nature and scope of the meat industry. The impact of the current meat production and consumption on animal welfare, the environment, and our health are illustrated by facts and testimonies of experts and farmers and the film is suitable for schools. The makers of Planète-Vie put their passion into this film and the result is really beautiful. In the film, you can see a brief interview with Dr. Jane Goodall.

An educational package linked to the film for schools in Belgium was developed by Reseau Idée and Planète-Vie, in cooperation with EVA.  The English version will be made by the Jane Goodall Institute of Belgium and we will promote it at the international schools. You can order the DVD in our webshop.

If you want us to make a presentation at your school to introduce Thursday Veggie Day in the class or at your parents association, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are a teacher and want to know more about our educational material and how to get involved in R&S, please have a look at our educators page.

For more details on the film: http://www.planetevie.be/lovemeatender-the-film