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As a teacher or group leader, you can be a wonderful role model to make this a better world for all! Becoming a Roots&Shoots leader of your class or school might be a challenge, but we can help. Have a look at the FAQ on this website.

Did you know that R&S is part of the curriculum in the UK? Did you know that R&S has many cross sectoral topics which can easily be integrated in the Belgian curricula?

We have many suggestions and some great educational material for you in several languages connected to our campaigns:

  • What can your class do for chimpanzees ?
    o You can use our educational pack accompanying the movie Chimpanzee.
    o Join the chimp guardian programme in Tchimpounga (class adoption and fundraising poster available).
    o Participate in our mobile phone campaign.
    o Discuss in class and fundraise for our Project of Hope in DRC (ask for our lovely fundraising poster!).
    o Join our peace campaign.
    o Discover the book written by our ambassador Marc de Bel, which contains 8 pages dedicated to JGI Belgium and chimps.
    o As from 2014, we can even visit your classes with a presentation dressed up as chimps.
    o Teachers, parents, and students also might be interested in our Run4chimps campaign (May and October, with tracks from 1 to 40 km).
  • Discover our inspiring JGI Projects of Hope
    o Info sheets on our Projects of Hope can be part of world orientation classes, biology classes or project design.
    o Join our exchange programme Partnerships in Understanding. Your student could become true pen pals with R&S groups abroadand improve their language skills.
    o The Projects of Hope could be used as beneficiaries for fundraising projects. Ask for fundraising ideas!
  • Participate at our annual tree planting event that takes place every fall in Belgium.
    o This is an excellent occasion to do a class project around the importance of trees (science, biology, project design, etc.).
    o Your school, class or students can fundraise to buy their trees.
    o Who plants the trees? There are three options:
    a. You can take the class and parents to our tree planting event.
    b. You can ask us to plant your trees for you.
    c. You can let underprivileged youth plant the trees for you.
    o For every tree planted in Belgium, we will plant one in Congo. Our Project of Hope Corridor for Chimpanzees will benefit from this campaign.
    o We can come to your class dressed up as trees in the month of February.
  • Join our peace campaign and the Giant Peace Dove puppets parade at UN Day in Brussels
    o Discuss the history and importance of the UN and the International Day of Peace (21st September).
    o Build your own Giant Peace Dove and download the instructions to make your own peace dove here. Fly it at International Day of Peace around 21st September and send in your articles/photos.
    o Join the Giant Peace Dove Parade in Brussels every October.
    o Talk about peace in the DRC.
    o Join our mobile phone campaign and find out how it is linked to chimpanzee protection.
    o Fundraise for the Project of Hope Basketball4Peace and organise a basketball tournament at your school.
    o Ask about our workshops in class (as from 2014).
  • Take action for a cleaner world and raise awareness
    Clean up your neighbourhood and join our national cleanupCHIMPions. A perfect way to make students aware of waste issues and letting them find solutions for the waste they find in streets and nature around the school premises. It will make them think a second time before they will throw away things next time. We run this campaign twice a year:
    o September
    o Spring: with special focus on water and keeping our rivers, lakes and ponds clean.
  • Sustainable food
    o Ask for our educational pack (linked to the movie LoveMEATender) in French and English.
    o Buy the DVD LoveMeaTender through JGI Belgium.
    o Support the Thursday Veggie Day campaign (EVA).
    o Discuss the book Harvest for Hope written by Jane Goodall.
    o Discover our Projects of Hope (gardening project and chicken farm).
    o We organize gardening and biodiversity workshops for underprivileged youth in Brussels communes.

We hope this will give you plenty of ideas to become part of the international Roots&Shoots programme. Once you submit your first project for Animals, People, and the Environment, your class may be selected to make a presentation at the annual Roots&Shoots ceremony in May. A certificate of appreciation will be handed over to your class by Dr. Jane Goodall in person.

Register your R&S group here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have more questions.