Dr. Jane Goodall & Dr. Roger Payne

Dr. Jane Goodall meets Dr. Roger Payne in the Hilton Hotel in Buenos Aires, a man who changed our understanding of whales and how they communicate with each other.

Roots&Shoots ceremony at European Parliament

The annual Jane Goodall’s Roots&Shoots ceremony gathered 350 students at the European Parliament. Students presented their projects around Animals, People, and the Environment (APE) for Dr. Jane Goodall.

Jane in Brussels for elephant crisis

Mr. Janez Potočnik, the European Commissioner for Environment, received a chimpanzee hug from Dr. Jane Goodall. They met in Brussels to discuss the urgency for action on the elephant crisis.

Released into the wild

We are delighted to share with you the wonderful news of the release of some our chimps into the safe wild. Kudia, …