jane FAQ Annual tree planting event

1. What is the Billion Tree Campaign?

On 8 November 2006, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) launched the new campaign ‘Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign’ which encourages all sectors of society to plant at least one billion trees worldwide each year. Every individual or organization is encouraged to register their pledges and planted trees online while ensuring that the trees planted are indigenous and appropriate for the local environment.

2. How do I get the trees?

You don’t need to worry about bringing trees, our partner Bosgroep Zuid-Limburg will have all the saplings ready and available at the event.

3. How much does it cost to plant a tree?

The cost to plant one indigenous tree is 5 euros. This price not only covers the tree, but includes the organization of the event, the land preparation including pre-dug holes, the tools needed to plant the tree(s), a biodegradable ribbon on which you can write your own ‘special message’ and a certificate identifying your participation and commitment to the environment. Part of your contribution will also go to tree planting in Burundi. For every tree planted here, a tree will be planted in Burundi! 

4. Can I donate without attending the event?

 Yes. You do not have to be present at the event to give your support although we encourage everyone who is interested to join us on that day. 

5. Can I plant more than one tree?

Yes, but we would like to notify the holes will not be pre-dug this time. If you or your pupils/children get too tired to plant all of them, we will assist you to plant the remaining trees by the end of the day.

6. Do you have a system in place for the fundraising?

We have a link of fundraising opportunities that will hopefully help you raise the sufficient funds to participate. Read our Fun Fundraising Ideas.

7. How can we give participants a feeling of ownership of their tree?

Every tree planter will be given a decomposable ribbon to put on their tree with their own message and will receive a certificate identifying your participation and commitment to the environment.

8. What is the deadline for registering and the money transfer?

The earlier you can sign up and make your donations the better. We would like to receive all money transfers two weeks before the event so we can have all our financials squared away. However, we will be taking registrations and donations up until the day of the event.

9. How is the money collected?

We ask you kindly to make a bank transfer to the JGI Belgium account mentioning your name and amount of trees. We ask that schools have a designated person or system in place to collect the money for the entire school/class(es). Once all pledges have been received, we ask that you send us one amount on behalf of the entire school. Otherwise you can directly use PayPal on our webshop.

10. What is the correct account number?

Our account is with Triodos Bank : IBAN BE56 5230 8057 9288 - SWIFT: TRIOBEBB. Please clearly mention the “Forest in One Day – Surname – First Name – Organisation/School – Number of participants” when you do the transfer.

11. Are there age restrictions to planting a tree?

Anyone over the age of 5 years is welcome to plant their own tree after a short demonstration on the appropriate way to do it. After the event a park ranger will then ‘double check’ all of the planted trees. Children below the age of 5 can plant a tree with the help of an adult.

12. Where is the forest going to be planted?

The forest will be planted in the commune of Alken on a parcel at Grootstraat 9.

13. Is transportation to and from the event provided?

No transportation is provided for this edition.

14. How is the location chosen?

This location is decided by our technical forestry partner, Bosgroep Zuid-Limburg based on the number of participants and the maximum environmental benefits of the project.

15. What do we need to bring to the event?

All of the tools needed to plant your tree(s) will be provided for you. You just need to wear comfortable and appropriate outdoor clothing suitable for getting a little dirty. Wellington boots or water tight boots are recommended.

16. Will food be provided?

Circle will be providing organic soup for those attending the tree planting event.

17. How will we know where to plant our trees?

We will have volunteers present to direct you. The plot of land will be divided into sections: free planting areas and sections for your school/organization/company.

18. What is the best time for our school to come to the event?

Participants can arrive between 10am and 15am. Guided nature tours can be organised by the Jane Goodall Institute on your request.

19. How will the pupils remain safe?

As we are a small organization and do not have the volunteer capacity to look after every section, we ask that the school provides suitable supervision over their students during the tree planting event.

20. How do I receive more information about the event?

Check back here for all the latest information. Please feel free to contact us with any specific questions you may have.