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There is an upcoming global protest against canned hunting on 15 March and Brussels is joining in!

What is canned hunting?

“Canned Hunting” is when a human-habituated lion is put into a fenced off field and shot dead for sport. This is a very serious and prominent issue in South Africa, where tourists from all over the world come to shoot lions in a controlled environment. In order to keep this business sustainable, there are over 160 lion breeding farms in South Africa, where female lions are forced to produce up to three litters per year. The baby cubs in these farms are raised for the sole purpose of being shot for a trophy when they reach adulthood. This practice violates numerous animal rights and needs to stop.

To learn more about the topic you can read the news on LionAid.org.

Make your voice heard in Brussels!

Join JGI Belgium for the global march at 14h30 15 March at Rue Montoyerstraat 17-19 Brussel.

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