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On December 11, 2016, we said goodbye to La Vieille, a chimpanzee who lived at JGI´s Tchimpounga sanctuary for 24 years.

A long time ago, poachers found a female chimpanzee with her baby in the forest of Congo. Poachers killed the mom and the baby was taken to be sold as a pet. This chimpanzee was called La Vieille. She was rescued in 1992, when she was already an adult, from the Pointe Noire Zoo Congo by the Jane Goodall Institute. La Vieille suffered the loss of her mother and long periods of isolation. She was taken to Tchimpounga sanctuary, where she became a surrogate mother to the youngest rescued chimpanzees. She showed these frightened infants the love and affection that was stolen from her, when poachers took them from the forest and their families.

Every year the visits of her good friend Dr. Jane Goodall were so special, that they became a part of the history of Tchimpounga. Last couple of years La Vieille lived together with another chimpanzee: Lemba. La Vieille died during the night, surrounded by the veterinary team.

Jane Goodall Institute Belgium wants to thank all donors and partners of the Jane Goodall Institute, as well as the JGI staff at Tchimpounga, for giving La Vieille over 20 years of love and care.

If you want to support chimpanzees like La Vieille, as well as the Tchimpounga sanctuary, go to our ChimpGuardian page to find out how. Thank you for your help.

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