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On 4th October 2015, Run4Chimps will be welcoming the very first marathon runner participant – Grégory Michel. Grégory participated in the 20 km of Bruxelles as well as in the Brussels Half Marathon in the past. What was his motivation for the Marathon? Why is he running with Run4Chimps? Check out the interview with Grégory!

1. Grégory, you are the first marathon runner in the history of Run4Chimps. In the past, you participated already in the 20 km of Bruxelles as well as in the Brussels Half Marathon. What was your motivation to participate in this 42 km run October this year?
First, it’s an honour for me to be the first marathon runner for the “Run4Chimps” and I hope be the first marathon finisher for the JGI.
I started running about 2 years ago and to progress I need a new challenge, and the marathon is the “next step challenge” after a half-marathon. The marathon is also a part of another personal challenge 🙂

2. A marathon is a big challenge for every participant. How do you feel about it? Are you looking forward to it?
I will be honest…I cannot wait to be there and I’m very excited. But in the same time I’m scared and i doubt myself … I don’t know how I will be on the D-day… anything can happen…

3. The most important thing before starting a run of any length is training. What are you doing to be well prepared? Can you give us some advices or hints?
I follow a 16 weeks training plan. This plan contains 70-80 km in 5-6 “workout” per week. Nutrition, sleep and rest are also an important part of the training.
But, when you doubt, when you need encouragement or care for injuries, the family is the most important support I could have. Without day-to-day family support it would not be possible!

4. For the third time you are participating in the Jane Goodall Institute‘s Run4Chimps. What was your motivation to join this team?
I think that all things must be done with a purpose, and running for a good cause is to give meaning to what you do. I believe in the projects of the JGI Belgium because it is all projects of Hope.

5. How are you going to motivate your friends and colleagues to support your first marathon for sake of the chimpanzees?
I prepare messages for some Facebook groups and I will make a collection among my colleagues. Meanwhile I meet people, we talk, and I present the JGI projects. I think that besides financial support, the awareness of the consequences of our daily actions or behaviours is also important.

6. Run4Chimps is organized by the Jane Goodall Institute Belgium. What do you know about this organization? Do you think that the JGI Belgium can make a change in our society?
I know JGI Belgium is involved in many useful projects, in Belgium and elsewhere and Yes! I’m convinced that JGI (as other associations) can change our society or at least educate on how we deplete our planet and how to protect Her. Unfortunately the change is slower as we would like but we must keep Hope for future generations! We don’t have right to give up !

Thank you, Grégory. And all the best for the marathon!


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