jane How can I help

We always need volunteers to help us with many small and big tasks.

You can support our Programmes in Africa by becoming a member and adopting a chimp or fund-raise for one of our Projects of Hope . Do not forget to check out our Chimp Guardian Junior!

You could start your own Roots&Shoots group with projects for Animals, People, and the Environment (APE). Or help us to spread the news and become a Roots&Shoots messenger.

Your donation will make a big difference for the Animals, People, and the Environment. Donations can go to a specific Project of Hope, or be a sponsorship of underprivileged youth in Belgium, or you can consider becoming a Platinum member.

Companies, Organisations or schools can consider our corporate programme or have a look at our partnerships.

Involve your school/office/community group to collect old mobile phones and find out what this has to do with peace and chimps in Africa.