people Internship programme

JGI Belgium started with an internship programme in 2012. If you would like to know more about this programme or if you are a student and would like to get involved in the JGI Roots&Shoots Belgium through our university network, please let us know!

Presentations of previous interns:


Jacqueline MeeCurrently studying abroad in Brussels, Jacqueline is pursuing a bachelors degree in business in the US. She has a deep interest in sustainability and protecting the earth and all living things on it! When she isn’t busy studying or playing with her adorable dog Harley, she enjoys to travel, listen to music, exercise outside, read books, and discover new things everyday! She dreams to one day own her own business and continually contribute to greater causes around the world!


Jade CornezI am pursuing a bachelor degree in communication at the HELHa (Belgium). I chose JGIB because it is an association that shares the same values as mine (protecting and helping animals, people and the environment). Thanks to JGIB, I am able to work on a panel of tasks (in public relations) and am never bored. I can use my skills and freely express my opinion, which is really important to me. What’s more, the upbeat and optimistic atmosphere, make it feel like I’m a member of real team.

Apart from JGI, I love cooking for my family and friends, watching television series and playing video games; sometimes I even spend the entire night on it! This is why, sometimes, my friends call me “the geek”., I also love learning about new cultures and how to interact with and help people from different backgrounds. Since I was 12 years old, I’ve dreamed of traveling to Japan. I’m very intrigued by the culture and countryside and would also love to learn Japanese. Traveling to Japan and living there would be the biggest personal achievement for me to fulfill on my “to do list”.


Katie_GantleyHello, my name is Katie. I am studying abroad at Vesalius College here in Brussels, Belgium. I am an English major with an Environmental Studies minor at my home university in New Paltz, New York. I care deeply about the natural environment, agriculture and a sustainable lifestyle. In my career I aspire to help keep our Earth clean, safe and at peace, so that we may continue to live on this planet that we call home. My hobbies include reading, writing, travel, running, cooking and baking, and photography.


Morgan_SchweersI am currently studying abroad in Brussels and pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in French and Accounting from Wofford College in South Carolina. I chose to study in Brussels to experience a francophone, western culture that isn’t France. My involvement in Jane Goodall Institute Belgium, CIEE Study Abroad Program, Vesalius College, the American Club, and ULB has made my time in Brussels one that I will value and cherish indefinitely. I am also a member of Wofford College’s Cross Country and Track teams and look forward to being back with my team upon my return.

Interning as an event coordinator at Jane Goodall Institute Belgium has allowed me to utilize my organizational skills, collaborate with other inspiring individuals, and experience the work environment in a foreign country. I am especially looking forward to meeting Dr. Goodall and helping host the main event in May.

Testimonies of previous interns:



“Thanks to the Erasmus+ programme, I was able to spend spent 6 months in Brussels. Working as an intern at JGI Belgium was a life-changing experience for me because I was given the opportunity to work with a lot of committed volunteers, who are doing their best to work towards the JGI objectives.

During my internship I worked on promoting the organisation, so I learnt a lot about public relations. I also worked in the area of fundraising, which was a invaluable experience for me.


JGI Belgium focuses on youth. I really enjoyed preparing workshops for schools and then seeing how the children got involved and became aware of the environmental issues we face.

I participated in our events and was able to meet some interesting people. Last but not least, the highlight for me was the opportunity to attend a lecture by Jane Goodall . Jane is such an inspiring woman and an excellent speaker, so it was a really wonderful for me to see her in person.”

Pavla Drvotova, Administrative assistant, 2015


Maggie King

“Upon discovering the internship opportunity for JGI Belgium, I was very curious. I had heard about Dr. Jane Goodall in the States, but admittedly didn’t know much about the institute. After my interview and acceptance to the internship, I was warmly welcomed by all the motivated volunteers. I was satisfied with the amount of work that was delegated to me, and I was able to gain very valuable work experience that I can use in a future career. I was able to discover more about marketing and fundraising for a non-profit organization than I would ever learn in a classroom, and at the same time I was able to make life-long friends with all the passionate volunteers, members, and other interns. The opportunity to gain valuable experience in my field of study as well as work for a cause that I a whole-heartedly believe in, created one of the best experiences of my life”.

Maggie King, Marketing and Fundraising Intern, Spring 2012