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Hundreds of thousands of young people throughout the world do their bit on a daily basis to make our world a better place for animals, the environment and human beings. Since Dr. Jane Goodall inaugurated the Roots&Shoots programme in 1991, thousands of Roots&Shoots groups have been set up, both here and in 135 other countries. These groups work to implement humanitarian and environmental programmes at a grass-roots level.

Although hundreds of thousands of people are involved and although they achieve something new every day, there is unfortunately little media coverage.

The same applies to many other activities. The general public knows nothing about them. Worse still, many of us, like you perhaps, feel isolated and alone when faced with environmental and humanitarian issues, although solutions exist. All that is needed is for this information to get out to the general public, thus generating hope.

This is the challenge La OHANA has embraced!

La Ohana is a family living on a trimaran, sailing around the world and committed to setting up a television channel for all of us. A channel for all the people who work behind the scenes to improve and protect the environment and all the different species of plants and animals, a channel that brings hope rather than fear.

This is why Dr. Jane Goodall has given her support to the setting up of the first social and environmental television channel, La Ohana.

La Ohana – find out about this remarkable family’s life programme.

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