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JGI Belgium partners up with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
Get your Free Cats, Dogs and US multilingual DVD now!


From October 2013-2015, IFAW’s Animal Action Education programme will engage some 5,000,000 students, teachers and families in 18+ countries worldwide to learn about and celebrate dogs and cats, two of the most universally familiar animals in our world. In fact, cats and dogs live side by side with people in every country and on every continent except, perhaps, Antarctica.

The programme, available at three level of instruction for ages 5 to 14, will introduce young people to the many special qualities these very common animals have to the many different ways that people live with cats and dogs around the world.

Cats, Dogs and US will help your students understand the responsibilities people have to cats and dogs, who have been a part of human culture and daily life for thousands of years.

Your free multilingual disc set in English, French, German, and Dutch includes:

• Student Magazine, Classroom Poster and Lesson plans, including reproducible worksheets, at three curricula levels for ages 5 to 14.
• Companion video plus interactive whiteboard resources
• Extension activities including Art Contest and Take Action resources to inspire and empower meaningful individual and group action to protect and care for the cats and dogs in our homes and communities.

To order a free copy, please visit www.ifaw.org/lessons-eu or contact James Pirnay at jpirnay[at]ifaw.org

For more information on IFAW Animal Action Education programmes and to download free resources on animals and the environment, visit www.ifaw.org/education-eu

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