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Combined conference and celebration at the National Theatre in Brussels

The day ended with a lecture at the National Theatre. This year, the grande dame of primatology celebrated her 80th birthday, and the event took on a festive air in her honour. Jane Goodall talked about her career, her experiences and her hopes for the future.




However, she was not alone on the stage. To celebrate her 80th birthday, artists from different spheres decided to honour her with their work and their compositions.

We had the pleasure of welcoming the group BaliMurphy and the singer Kris Dane. Through the songs of François Delvoye, the frenetic rhythms of BaliMurphy’s musical universe took us to the dawn of mankind (L’Homo ça pionce) and from there to the very limits of our social model (Le Totem du Progrès). Kris Dane, the talented singer and artist, performed for free to make this an exceptional event.




JGI Belgium was also honoured to be able to exhibit the works of various artists who specialise in animals. Some of these works were offered for sale in aid of chimpanzee research and conservation at the Gombé Research Centre in Tanzania.


At the end of the evening, there was a very well-attended signing session.


Our thanks go to all the volunteers who made this such an unforgettable event!




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