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Martin and Diego, our first kid´s runners for Run4Chimps, are facing the challenge on the 4th October 2015. But they are even more than runners – they are also incredible fundraiser for JGI’s Tchimpounga sanctuary. So far, they have collected more than 250 EUR. Read here an interview with Martin and Diego to find out their motivations as well as training and fundraising tips!

first kids runners
first kids runners

Why are you helping JGI with fundraising?

We like chimps! They need protection to survive, so we decided to help chimp conservation. Also, we like doing sports and it’ll be fun to do the race. We heard there will even be a “Chimp” running too!

What is your motivation to do this in your free time?

It’s the good thing to do and I like helping the chimps, we even adopted one called Mambou!
It’s always good to help others, so we are doing that to help them to protect the chimps. We do the right thing and we have lots of fun doing it! This is our first Roots & Shoots project!
Also, we like doing sports and it’ll be fun to do the race. We heard there will even be a “Chimp” running too!

What is the key of your succes? What are you doing for fundraising?

We explained what we were doing, why, where the chimps live, about our 1km race, etc. We found it easier to sell something than to get donations (even if one person gave us a 20€ donation). We sold toys, pens, monkey bags, keychains, our mom’s cakes, brownies and coffee. We also got a book about Chimps at the library to show people and we made a big poster with information about Tchimpounga and about the big threats to chimps.

Is it hard (emotionally) to sell your own toys and books?

We got rid of old toys and books we didn’t really use anymore, so we were actually glad that they were going to be used again by somebody else rather than throwing them away. That way we help the environment twice: reduce waste and try to avoid pollution and we collect funds for Chimps.

Is it tough to find someone who can help or buy something? Where are you selling pens, toys, etc…?

Not really, it was easy. There was a street fair on our street so we set up a stand and there were a lot of people. We also sold to our teachers and directors, friends (ours and our parents’) and family as well as neighbors.

You are also going to join 1 km run for Run4Chimps. Are you looking forward to it?

Oh Yeah!!!!

Are you training for the race ? If yes – how?

Yes we are already training. We regularly do sports (swimming, judo for Diego, triathlon and judo for Martin). We are now going once or twice a week on a run with our parents to train.

Thank you, boys. And good luck!

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