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Falero For 24 years JGI’s Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in the Republic of Congo has taken in 194 orphan chimpanzee victims of wildlife trafficking. Thanks in part to our public awareness and education campaigns fostering stewardship and appreciation for the great apes, as well as support of law enforcement efforts, there has been a dramatic decrease in the confiscation of chimpanzees. For almost two years there were no new arrivals at Tchimpounga, however, earlier this year a young chimpanzee named Falero was brought to the sanctuary. Falero was in fairly good condition, but still needed time to regain his physical and emotional strength after the traumatic experience of being torn away from his mother and kept away from other chimpanzees. Falero was first bottle fed by his human caregiver Christel. Under her care Falero made a speedy recovery which allowed him to be placed with a surrogate mother, Lounama. Lounama and Falero took to one another right away. Now they spend their time together, playing and grooming each other. They are inseparable. It is truly a match made in Tchimpounga.

Photo credit: The Jane Goodall Institute

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