people Membership and adoption

Bronze member

  • The JGI Belgium newsletter
  • A tree planted on your behalf in the Tchimpounga Natural Reserve by local youth, for which you receive a certificate and general information.
  • A thank you letter for supporting JGI Belgium.
  • A discounted admission price for Dr. Jane’s lectures in Belgium.

Silver member

  • Bronze membership package, and
  • Chimp adoption package. This includes:
    • general information package on Tchimpounga and your adopted chimp
    • adoption certificate
    • passport of your chimp
    • a beautiful photograph of your adopted chimp

Gold member

Platinum member

  • Gold membership package, and
  • An additional 10 trees planted in your name in the Tchimpounga Natural Reserve
  • An additional adopted chimp (3 in total now!)
  • Your choice of one of Dr. Jane’s books that has been autographed
  • VIP seating for Dr. Jane’s lectures in Belgium with the chance to meet and take photos with her

Have a look at the Junior Chimp Guardian programme, our special adoption packages for schools/classes and our donations page for other ways of support.

JGI Belgium newsletter
Tree planted on your behalf
10 additional trees planted
A thank you letter
Dr. Jane lecture discount in Belgium
Chimp adoption package none 1 2 3
Information package Snare project
Autographed book from Dr. Jane
VIP seat at Dr. Jane lectures in Belgium
Your JGI Belgium support € 20 € 10 € 25 € 200
Your Tchimpounga Tree corridor program support € 10 € 10 € 10 € 100
Your Tchimpounga program support none € 40 € 80 € 150
Your Snare Removal project support none none € 5 € 50

THANK YOU for making a difference for Animals, People, and the Environment (APE) by supporting the work of JGI Belgium.