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Tania Dreelinck


“Nature, wildlife, Earth, and all her life-forms… We are one. As a child I was always in the presence of animals. They were the perfect models to get started with my drawing-rage. The more time moved on, the bigger my hunger to perpetuate every animal that I met, in their own unique way as individuals. With their own story. In their own way of being.
Next to doing commissions of pets (in pastel), the desire to draw other animals became bigger and bigger. Like all the animals, that I met during different visits to zoo’s and sanctuaries as well as along my travels. The invitation to get to know them even deeper, fired up my passion even more. To be able to meet them, and hear their message, throughout the visible and non-visible barriers. And that is how my passion for animals and creativity sprouted to drawing, painting, clay-moulding, …
And that creativity brought me on her turn back in contact with the ever growing question inside of me: “How can I also contribute to the conservation and the restoring of Wildlife – and its natural habitat?” With one of the very clear answers: “Jane Goodall Institute”. Symbol of chimpanzees, nature and man.
As a result of that I now take part in supporting the Jane Goodall Institute, as an ambassador. What an honour. To become more strong as a Whole, all together, with the voice for animal-man-nature. Because we all need it, and we need to do it together.
I hope that my contribution in this may mean a difference as well, to help build a future with more awareness concerning nature and our planet.”

Tania Dreelinck

Louis-Philippe Loncke

Louis Philippe

Louis-Philippe Loncke is a Belgian explorer and wants to help us to mobilize young people to keep nature clean. He is also member of the Explorer’s Club, together with Dr. Jane Goodall.

He started his first expeditions in Australia and mainly solo desert treks. He drew attention on heavy water consumption in our societies. We surely all can decrease our water consumption by changing our behaviour.

In 2011, he started doing kayak expeditions. They all have a common aim: show the pollution in the water and raise awareness to the general preservation of water, the source of life. His first kayak expedition saw him paddle 600km on the Belgian canals. The next year he went down the Vistula River in Poland. During the Southern winter of 2013 he made the world first kayak circumnavigation of Lake Titicaca with Peruvian adventurer Gadiel Sanchez Rivera. A few weeks later, in Bolivia, he made an attempt to cross the Salars of Coipasa and Uyuni on foot. He also joined 2 expeditions in 2013. One on Clipperton Island where he discovered the presence of species of foraminifera and assessed the plastic washed out from the Pacific Ocean on the beaches of the atoll. The pollutants and plastic in the Oceans, the plastic continents are a fact and a treat to the survival of life on Earth. He went down the upper river Marañon for 6 days with an international team of rafters and kayakers. The Marañon is the largest river feeding the Amazon River, considered in the past as the source of the Amazon River. The expedition visited villages along the river banks to make them aware of the damming projects of the river, which would have an irreversible impact on the river, its ecosystem, the Amazon bassin, endemic wildlife, villages and undiscovered archaeological sites that would be submerged before being studied.

On Earth Day April 2012, he helped to organise a KayaClean event for JGI Belgium with underprivileged youth participating as part of the R&S programme. He now aims to lift the KayaClean to a global world wide scale by dedicated website where volunteers can find and join a water cleaning activity done with a kayak or a canoe around the globe.

“I met Jane in May 2010 and what a surprise to receive an email 15 months later asking me to be an ambassador. I was just starting my BelgiKayak expedition. She is a symbol of hope to me. She is 80 years old and continues to act for her beliefs, for her passion to preserve the animals, the environment and the people.”

LouPhi can be followed on his blog, facebook fan page and other sites.

More info on Louis-Philippe Loncke and all his expeditions:

Marc De Bel

In this picture Boef, my Chimp (on the right) is disguised as a Chinese Shar-Pei.

“All my life I have been fond of children and (other) animals. To be honest, I can only live two days without. On the third day I start to get pimples, noise in my ears and other aging symptoms. That is why I am very proud of my title as ambassador for JGI Belgium. I always considered monkeys, and especially chimpanzees, to be equal. That is why I used to (and still do) hang in trees as a young boy. My favorite hangout used to be my tree-house that I fell down from when I was eleven years old. Because of this tumble and the fall on my head I luckily didn’t really grew much older and I started writing. For example, my first book ‘The egg of uncle Trotter’, and the crazy, exciting new ‘Kriegeltjesboek’ called ‘The plan of professor Snootman’. In this book the three brave sisters ‘Kriegel’ end up at the Jane Goodall Institute after a bloodcurdling journey, together with the Chimps and other great apes! Not only black ones, but pink ones too …”

Marc de Bel

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