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Fi1DJane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots groups plant many trees all over the world. In Belgium, we organize a big annual tree planting event joining people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures to plant a forest in one day. The Jane Goodall Institute Belgium and its partners have already planted 24 000 trees over the years and this year we’re planning to plant 4000 trees with your help!

Join our fourth edition of Forest in One Day

This year, Forest in One Day is taking place on a 2,3 hectares large plot of land in Alken. We will plant 4000 linden and maple trees with your help! All this, just in ONE day!

During the day, you’ll also learn all about forests and trees, discover the link between chimpanzees and forest ecology as well as offer guided nature walks to groups that will provide information on nature, birds, and composting. You’ll also enjoy some fresh and savoury soup.

For every tree planted here, a tree is planted for the chimpanzees!

What is great about JGI Belgium’s tree planting event is that, not only are you benefiting Belgium, but you are also getting the Roots & Shoots Burundi children involved. The trees that they will be planting in the Makamba region, South of Burundi, for every one of ours, will serve as a corridor connecting different nature reserves. Once these forests are connected it allows for Chimpanzees to move more freely and for isolated groups to come together, enhancing their genetic pool. The trees planted inBurundi are also fruit trees so not only will they serve as a passage and home for chimps, but they will provide nutrition as well. By getting up and helping your community by planting a tree in Belgium you are helping children in Burundi get out and benefit their community and chimpanzees which is what makes the JGI Belgium tree planting event truly unique.

Practical information:

Where: Grootstraat 9 in 3570 Alken
When: Sunday 4 February 2018 from 10:00 to 16:00

forest in one dayforest in one day

For more background, please check our FAQ.

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and early tree purchases, we are almost out of trees to sell! We are therefore reserving all remaining trees for people wanting to come plant their own trees.

So we give you two options below:

1. If you wish to come on 4th February and plant your tree (or some of the already sponsored ones – we have plenty!) please send us an email at info@janegoodall.be telling us how many people are coming and at what time of the day. You will be able to buy and pant your own trees then and plant many many more trees!

2. If you do not wish to attend but still want to help, make a donation by clicking the donation button here and put under communication: Forest in One Day. We will make sure that 100% of your donation goes to support tree planting efforts in Burundi.

Forest in One Day 2014

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Thank you to our sponsors:

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