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Compassion – knowledge – action

As human beings we have a natural compassion for all living things, but often this capacity is not stimulated through traditional education and gradually we even risk losing it… Offering knowledge at an age when we still are open to feed our natural talent for empathy, is the best way to guide our youth to become respectful human beings. On this fertile base of compassion and knowledge, we are more likely to take action to contribute to a better world around us. This is what Jane Goodall’s Roots&Shoots is about: integrating knowledge in our inherent talent for empathy, leading to taking action.

All our campaigns combine an educational aspect with an action oriented side. In this way, they can be used as vehicles to let young people and adults take action in their own neighborhood or beyond.

Think globally – act locally

In every campaign, we try to offer a local perspective next to an international one. What have your mobile phones got to do with chimps and peace in Africa? How can you – as an individual – express a strong wish for peace in a global campaign? How can your daily diet make a difference for animal welfare and green house gases? How can planting trees in Belgium support a tree planting operation for chimps and by youth in Africa?

We invite you to have a look at our campaigns, at our Projects of Hope, and at the Belgian Roots&Shoots projects reflecting the same philosophy: take action for Animals, People, and the Environment (APE!).

TPE 2012

Annual tree planting event

We organize a big annual tree planting event joining people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures to plant a forest in one day in Belgium. In the past three years, we have planted around 9000 trees in Belgium. All our Roots&Shoots groups are invited to this event and so are you!

“Chimpanzee”, the movie

This amazing film follows a chimp community and in particular little Oscar. While the film crew was filming the true story of Oscar happened before their eyes. There are no animation or tricks used in this film and it is really beautiful to see how each chimpanzee has a different character and nature, just like it is among us humans. We would like to share the wonderful educational kit of DisneyNature for 2-6th grade classes through our Roots&Shoots programme. For a small fee, we can visit your class dressed up as a chimp to come and talk with the students about these amazing cousins.

Icon Phone BW

Mobile phone campaign

Mobile phones contain a valuable mineral known as coltan, much of which is mined in Central Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This is a region torn by an ongoing conflict that has killed at least 4 million people, including many children, since 1998. Many more people have been displaced and still today people live in refugee camps because of the insecurity. Every mobile phone that is recycled helps to put an end to the violence in the Congo and also helps to ensure the survival of the great apes and their natural habitat in the region. You can help us recycle old phones.


Peace campaign

Jane Goodall’s Roots&Shoots groups around the world celebrate peace and “fly” their Giant Peace Dove Puppets every year around International Peace Day in September. In Belgium, we added a second occasion to fly your Giant Peace Dove: at the annual UN Day celebrations at the end of October, gathering all the Belgian R&S groups on the Grand Place/Grote Markt in the centre of Brussels at the “UN Village”.


Thursday Veggie Day

JGI Belgium supports the Belgian campaign Thursday Veggie Day. This campaign encourages people to reduce their meat intake and thus their ecological footprint. The vegetarian organisation EVA launched it in Flanders some years ago and now they joined forces with Planete Vie to spread it in Brussels and Wallonia.


Twice a year JGIB organises Run4Chimps. Runners can take part in the 20kms of Brussels, in May, and in the marathon of Brussels, in October.