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The Jane Goodall Institute of Belgium is part of the JGI family and one of the 10 JGI offices in Europe. JGI Belgium fully subscribes to the JGI Mission to empower people of all ages to make a difference for all living things. More specifically, the Mission of JGI Belgium is to promote respect for Animals, People and Environment in Belgium and abroad.This we do by:

  • Raising awareness of and fundraising for the JGI activities in Africa: research on chimpanzees, conservation of their habitats, community development and related Roots&Shoots (R&S) initiatives.
  • Establishing the Jane Goodall’s Roots&Shoots programme in Belgium while also connecting the R&S groups both within Belgium and with other R&S groups all over the world through the so-called Partnerships in Understanding.


JGI Belgium was founded in 2005 by a group of enthusiastic volunteers. The headquarters were located in Antwerp until 2010, when it was moved to Brussels under a new leadership.