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United Nations Brussels

With Dr. Jane Goodall being a UN Peace Messenger we work closely with the UN in Brussels on several occasions. Joint events, like the screening of “Jane’s Journey” at the VUB in 2012 and the annual Giant Peace Dove Parade at UN Day are two beautiful examples.

Royal Belgian Institute Natural Sciences

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences is an internationally renowned center for scientific research, which is open to everyone through the Museum of Natural Sciences.
In the framework of the temporary exhibition “Monkeys”, we are pleased to work with the Museum to offer monthly workshops for children (8-12 years) on the theme of great apes. Children will have the opportunity to live the life of an ape through an educational game.
These workshops are part of a broader project, aimed at educating the public about primate conservation. We will also offer a stand with information about the JGI’s activities and a series of evening screenings and debates on the subject of primates.

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With 15 offices worldwide, IFAW works to improve the welfare of wild and domestic animals throughout the world by reducing commercial exploitation of animals, protecting wildlife habitats, and assisting animals in distress. IFAW seeks to motivate the public to prevent cruelty to animals and to promote animal welfare and conservation policies that advance the well-being of both animals and people. JGI Belgium promotes IFAW’s educational packs accessible to all educators.



People to People International are supporting some of our workshops with underprivileged youth and regularly offer us exposure in their weekly e-newsletter. On World Water Day 2013, they support our event for underprivileged youth in Brussels.



The commune of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre supports actively JGI’s Mobile phone recycling campaign offering many collecting points, and our Clean up CHIMPion campaign. The cooperation is very rich, and the commune helped us also to organise the screening of “Blood in the Mobile” in December 2013.


Waterstones Brussels

The English bookshop Waterstones hosts events for us, including book signing by Jane as well as presentations, and book and DVD launches. You can drop off your old mobile phones at their shop as they participate at our Recycle4Chimps campaign. Our common events will be posted on their Facebook page and e-news.


Verts de Terre

In cooperation with Verts de Terre, we can give our underprivileged groups an outdoor workshop on a children’s farm. The students can experience close contact with all farm animals, but also fun activities, like tree climbing, making jam, bread, or soup, and even tree planting. They also have a Jane Goodall’s Roots&Shoots group!


Greenlight for Girls

We team up with G4G on a number of events, like our respective tree planting events, outdoor nature workshops, and to mobilise for Roots&Shoots groups. We both like to share our passion for Natural science with young people. In 2013 they join us with two Roots&Shoots groups.


Le Foyer in Molenbeek

We organize workshops at Le Foyer in Molenbeek for students in their after-school programme. At the moment, our animators and their youth are transforming their concrete inner courtyard into a veggie and fruit garden and a haven for insects – like bees and butterflies – and birds. They also participated in outdoor nature workshops at our tree planting event in 2012.

Other examples of partnerships

Partnerships can take different forms and our list of supporting schools, organisations, and institutes is too long to mention here. Other supporting partners: e.g.

  • International School of Brussels
  • International Montessori School
  • University of Brussels (VUB)
  • Vesalius College, Boston University
  • Commune of Molenbeek
  • and many MEPs!

If you would like to sponsor our events or activities, then look here how you can support us.

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