people Our sponsorship programme

You can donate to our Projects of Hope abroad or to support underprivileged youth in Belgium. Donations to our Projects of Hope can be in any amount of your choice. In case of support for the underprivileged youth, we give an overview below on the different models. In both cases, you will receive a wonderful certificate as a proof of your generosity! For payment details or for more information, please go to the contact page.

Sponsorship of the Jane Goodall’s Roots&Shoots programme

We have developed this sponsorship programme to enable underprivileged children to participate in our Belgian Roots&Shoots programme. There are three areas where you can make a difference: funding these children to start their own projects, letting them participate in the making of a forest, and giving them the opportunity to participate in the annual Roots&Shoots ceremony.

Sustainable sponsorship for projects

We organize educational and action-oriented workshops, and after our workshops, the children start up their own projects for Animals, People and the Environment. Supporting this part of the corporate programme has a long-lasting effect.

Project Starting Kit

Workshop + essentials ( gloves) = 10 euro/child

  • 100 euro (10 children)
  • 200 euro (20 children)
  • 500 euro (50 children)

Jane’s Agent Kit

Starting kit + educational fact sheets + tools (e.g. magnifying glass) = 30 euro.

  • 300 euro (10 children)
  • 600 euro (20 children)
  • 1500 euro (50 children)

Sponsorship cards for annual tree planting event

Every year, we give the underprivileged Roots&Shoots children the opportunity to participate at an annual tree planting event and learn something about trees. Each year we gather people of all ages and backgrounds to plant a forest for one day in Belgium.

The participation costs 10 euro, per child, covering a bus ticket (5 euro) and the opportunity to plant 1 tree (5 euro) or 3 trees (15 euro). There is special coordinator assigned to guide the children at the event and to talk with them about the importance of trees. These children will leave the event as little tree ambassadors.

Little Tree Ambassadors – Standard

Bus ticket and 1 tree to plant = 10 euro per child

  • 100 euro for 10 children
  • 300 euro for 20 children
  • 500 euro for 50 children

Little Tree Ambassadors – Deluxe

Bus ticket and 3 trees to plant = 20 euro per child

  • 200 euro for 10 children
  • 600 euro for 20 children
  • 1000 euro for 50 children

Sponsorship participation at Roots&Shoots ceremony

Every year, we organize a ceremony for all the children participating at the Roots&Shoots programme. Children from all over Belgium, present their projects with a poster, a powerpoint presentation or a video clip. This is an extraordinary opportunity to exchange experiences and to learn how to make a good presentation. Every year, we invite Dr. Jane Goodall herself to hand over a Certificate of Appreciation to each R&S group: an experience of a lifetime for all children to hear and meet her in person.

To cover the cost for one child to participate, we calculated 10 euro. In addition, you have the opportunity to participate yourself at this event and/or to show the generosity of your company.

Roots&Shoots Delegates

Participation at annual R&S ceremony for 10 euro per child.

  • 100 euro for 10 children
  • 300 euro for 20 children
  • 500 euro for 50 children

Roots&Shoots Delegates – Deluxe

Participation of 50 children at annual R&S ceremony + VIP seat for a staff member + mentioned as sponsor at the event.

  • 750 euro for 50 children + 1 staff
  • 1000 euro for 50 children + 2 staff
  • 1250 euro for 50 children + 3 staff

Roots&Shoots Delegates – Diamond

Participation of 50 children at annual R&S ceremony + VIP seat for a staff member + your logo visible at the event and on all our PR material regarding the event.

  • 1750 euro for 50 children + 1 staff
  • 2000 euro for 50 children + 2 staff
  • 2250 euro for 50 children + 3 staff

Premium and Diamond Sponsor status

If you want to support our work in a more profound way and make it possible for us to make a deeper and longer lasting difference, please consider becoming a Diamond, Prestige, Premier or Honorary sponsor of JGI Belgium. This special status last for a year. Please contact us for more details.

  • Diamond Status 5,000 euro
  • Prestige Status 10,000 euro
  • Premier Status 25,000 euro
  • Honorary Status 50,000 euro

Your contribution makes a big difference for these children in need.

All companies and organizations buying these certificates will be mentioned by name on our website and in the newsletter.

THANK YOU for making a difference for Animals, People, and the Environment (APE) by supporting the work of JGI Belgium