Hope for Animals and Their World


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Interweaving her own firsthand experiences with the compelling research of some of the world’s premier scientists, Dr. Goodall illuminates the heroic efforts of dedicated environmentalists and the critical need to protect wildlife habitat. At once a celebration of the animal kingdom and a passionate call to action, Hope for Animals and Their World offers an inspirational message regarding the future of human coexistence with other animals.

“This book has taken me on a fantastic journey of exploration: I have learned ever more about animal and plant species brought to the brink of extinction by human activities an then – sometimes at the very last minute and against all odds – been given a reprieve. The stories shared here illustrate the resilience of nature, and the persistence and determination of the men and women who fight – sometimes for decades – to save the survivors of a species, refusing to give up . . . Even when our mindless activities have almost entirely destroyed some ecosystem or driven a species to the brink of extinction, we must not give up. Thanks to the resilience of nature and the indomitable human spirit, there is still hope. Hope for animals and their world. And it is our world, too.” – Jane Goodall, from the introduction