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As a platinum member you will receive:

  • The JGI Belgium e-newsletter
  • Ten trees planted on your behalf in the Tchimpounga Nature Reserve by local youth, for which you receive a certificate and general information.
  • A thank you letter for supporting JGI Belgium.
  • Adoption of 3 chimpanzees: Lemba, Mbebo and Mambou
  • Adoption packages. This includes:
    • general information package on Tchimpounga and your adopted chimps
    • adoption certificates
    • passport of your chimps
    • a beautiful photograph of your adopted chimps
  • An information package for your contribution to the snare removalproject in Uganda.
  • Your choice of one of Jane Goodall’s books that has been autographed
  • VIP seating for Jane Goodall’s lectures in Belgium with the chance to meet and take photos with her

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