jane Project of hope: Basketball for peace in DRC “Club PJB”

The Roots&Shoots program is active in three provinces of Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC): Maniema, North and South Kivu. In total, there are more than 80 clubs and 3 600 members. In 2012, the Roots&Shoots program included the training of 70 teachers, the creation of 53 new Roots&Shoots clubs in Walikale and Lubutu and reaching 27,803 students. The main activity of Roots&Shoots clubs in DRC is environmental education and often this is combined with general education and sports. Support is needed to provide outreach materials, especially T-shirts with environmental messages, as well sports equipments for these clubs. It is hoped that in the future money raised will go to scholarships for these young people.

The R&S Club Promo Jeune Basket / Promote Youth Basket

The Promote Youth Basketball Club (PJB) in Goma was established in 2009. Today it has 600 members, and is the biggest and most active sports club in the country. It is an education and sport based R&S Club that strives to inspire young people and their communities to take their education seriously and to creating responsible citizens and leaders for the future. The main objective of the daily routine of basketball practices and drills and sportive competition is to provide a sense of structure and recognition of the importance of discipline and team spirit in the lives of these young children. PJB focuses on the education of young people through engagement in formal education, cultural, environmental, creative, and sporting activities. While PJB revolves around basketball, it is a requirement that all the children who are members are also attending school and become active for positive environmental change. Regularly, PJB groups clean a neighbourhood of Goma, plant trees in town, or clean the basketball facilities as part of their ongoing activities.

In March 2012, the PJB Roots&Shoots Club inaugurated 2 new basket-ball courts providing some of the best sport facilities in the country. The Provincial Minister of Environment, Sports, Culture and Arts, several leaders and many people participated in the celebrations around the opening ceremony. Simultaneously, 30 children from PJB received scholarships for this school year. The criteria used to consider scholarship recipients included; membership to R&S, positive attitude (respect, team spirit, discipline), school performance of 60% or higher, and implement at least one positive proven action for the environment or the planet.

A message of peace

Every year, PJB celebrated the international peace day, organized a peace tournament, live music concerts, Olympics games, drawing competitions, and even video film sessions for hundreds Congolese kids. In 2012, the leaders of 10 high school R&S clubs started the “Ambassador of Peace initiative” by choosing ambassadors in every school that participates in R&S. These ambassadors then go into schools to deliver peace and conservation messages.

With your support

RSAs soon as the circumstances will allow us to do so, and with your support, PJB will organize their next tournament for peace in 2013. The tournament will include live theatre play, giant peace doves, and music concerts by local artists in between the games. The participants will be young girls and boys from 6 to 21 years old. PJB will produce t-shirts locally with a message of peace for more than 300 kids. Winners will receive school books and scholarships for 2013 school year as well as 3 balls per category of participants. Neighbouring country Rwanda will also participate in the tournament. The aim is to be united around sport and have the Congolese and Rwandese playing together to develop their sense of fraternity and friendship by sharing a positive experience.

The money raised through our mobile phone campaign will go to this project.

You can donate directly to this project by making a transfer with reference “Basketball for Peace – DRC”. You will receive a certificate for your donation. All banking details are provided on our contact page.

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