jane Project of hope: Chimp guardianship

The time of the milk

Through this Project of Hope you support the orphan chimps, their local care takers, and the educational programme for Roots&Shoots students around Tchimpounga.

Open the foto gallery. Or have a look at the video on Tchimpounga made at the end of 2012: meet Rebeca, Fernando, Super-Kodo and all the chimps!

This project covers our Chimp Guardian programme and you can read more on Tchimpounga and on the three chimps JGI Belgium has chosen to follow and raise money for. We have adoption packages for adults and a Junior version.

As from 2013, we will make a special Chimp Guardian for groups. Schools, classes, organisations, companies and R&S groups can fundraise for these packages, including certificates, passports, photos and stickers.

You can make a huge difference for a chimp and her/his care taker and support the R&S awareness campaign. If you need more information, contact us!

Teachers and group leaders can also have a look at our educators page, to combine the fundraising efforts with educational tools and the film Chimpanzee or our peace and/or mobile phone campaign.

THANK YOU for making a difference for Animals, People, and the Environment (APE)