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We are delighted to share with you the wonderful news of the release of some our chimps into the safe wild. Kudia, one of our chimpanzees under the Belgian Chimp Guardian programme was among the first to be set free:

They were raised at the orphanage of JGI Congo, where they arrived as babies when their mothers were killed either for bush meat or through illegal logging of trees. There are about 160 chimps at the JGI Congo Tchimpounga Orphanage and many of them will retire on our three safe islands, but will still be monitored and fed by JGI.

TchindzoulouYou can read more on Tchimpounga, including the three islands and the different stages. Your help is needed to make this happen: have a look at the Project of Hope! You can support our irresistible baby chimps Lemba, Mambou and Mbebo, while providing a living for their local care takers through the JGI Belgium adoption programme.

Make a difference for a chimpanzee and his/her human caretaker!

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