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JGI Belgium’s annual Roots and Shoots ceremony was held at the European Parliament on Wednesday morning. Almost 350 English, French and Dutch speaking schoolchildren from Belgium came to meet Jane Goodall and to share their positive ideas to help animals, people and the environment.

Jane Goodall in Brussels 2014 May-27small'

Through projects like constructing shelters for bees, developing ecological cleaning products or participating in the Recycle4Chimps recycling campaign for electronic goods, the younger generation demonstrated its willingness to build a better world!

Jane Goodall in Brussels 2014 May-22

Jane Goodall in Brussels 2014 May-15

Jane Goodall then addressed the R&S groups with a resounding message of hope: “Roots creep underground everywhere and make a firm foundation. Shoots seem very weak, but to reach the light they can break through brick walls. Imagine that the brick walls are all the problems we have inflicted on our planet. Hundreds and thousands of roots and shoots, and hundred and thousands of young people around the world, can break through these walls. You CAN change the world.”

Jane Goodall in Brussels 2014 May-69

Jane Goodall awarded signed diplomas to the young people in recognition of their participation in the programme and in appreciation of the quality of the projects.


To end the ceremony, Jane Goodall knighted the Belgian explorer and R&S ambassador Louis-Philippe Loncke, dubbing him “Knight of youth, animals and plants, in the Order of the Iguana”. His mission is to spread a message promoting a simpler lifestyle and to inspire young people to build a more sustainable society. Long live the Knight of the Iguana!

Jane Goodall in Brussels 2014 May-71

Jane Goodall in Brussels 2014 May-18

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