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Jane Goodall at the 2013 Roots&Shoots ceremony


R&S logoThe Jane Goodall’s Roots&Shoots programme was launched in 2011. We started with pilot groups of all ages at international schools and universities. They all presented their projects at the first R&S ceremony in the presence of Dr Jane Goodall in May 2011. In 2012, the second R&S ceremony took place at the European Parliament and today there are also Belgian schools and university groups!

Some inspiring Belgian Roots&Shoots projects

The students of a special French-speaking boarding school in Molenbeek, the Nicolas Smelten School of La Cité Joyeuse, Brussels got started with their own chicken farm after we invited them for an outdoor nature workshop in nature reserve next to their school. If you want to learn more on our underprivileged youth programme, please have a look at our special page.

The first Roots&Shoots University Club was established at the Vesalius College. They have several projects and they will network with other universities in Belgium. At the VUB, the Flemish University of Brussels, a collective garden on the campus premises brings students together for sustainable barbeques and composting and harvest events. Boston University organizes an annual literacy run and tree planting event.

The British School of Brussels have created a wonderful wildlife garden and are part of the Belgian Green School Logo programme. Students of the primary school of St John’s International fund-raised for a charity for street children in India and created their own willow garden at school. The annual Christmas tree lease and the monthly visits to the retirement home are two projects of the Middle School students of the International Montessori School. The International School of Brussels has several R&S groups: their high school students have an amazing fundraising project for disabled people and a community project in Togo (Africa). The Roots&Shoots group at the Antwerp British School calls themselves The Green Defenders and are proud of their recycling and composting project. The girl’s scouts have shown us their own design of a solar cooking device. The British Junior Academy of Brussels fund-raised for people in need.

Besides their own projects, many of the above schools have joined one or more of our JGI campaigns. Most are faithful participants at our annual tree planting event and some join the peace celebrations and mobile phone collection campaign.

Joined us in 2013: Shape International (Mons), several Flemish Freinet schools,  Greenlight for Girls (Brussels and Mol), Tree of Life (Tervuren), and maybe your school or group?

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