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Focus on youth in Belgium

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Besides mobilising Belgian youth to be part of the Jane Goodall’s Roots&Shoots programme, we also organize workshops for youth. We ask companies and individuals to sponsor these activities with several youth groups.

ma campagne

Centre Scolaire de Ma Campagne – Ixelles

Two workshops around the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling old electronics and mobile phones was given in the CS Ma Campagne in Ixelles. The animation showing the link between our consumption, the conflicts in East DRC and chimpanzee conservation were ilustrated and resulted in very rich debate. The workshop can be offered to your school and to everyone who wants to start the Recycle4chimps campaign.

Scheutbos – Molenbeek

The Roots&Shoots group at the French boarding school for children placed there by the judge, helped to create shelters for wildlife and to remove an invasive weed at the nature reserve next to their school. They learned about wildlife in Belgium and how to protect solitary bees, butterflies, hedgehogs, and even snakes! The event was sponsored by Levi Strauss &Co.
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Le Foyer garden

Le Foyer – Molenbeek

Le Foyer has a whole range of activities in Molenbeek (Brussels). We chose to work together with their after school programme for French speaking Belgian youth. We invited them to plant trees together with us at our tree planting event with Sunbeams in Zoniënwoud/Foret de Soignes in 2011. Our biologist and animator Chris led an outdoor workshop on biodiversity with them. Levi Strauss & Co, PTPI, and individuals like you sponsored this workshop. In 2014 they transformed their concrete playground into a garden for fun, wildlife and veggies! Read more…
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KayaClean Event in Liege/Luik

The first edition of our KayaClean Event took place in Liege/Luik in 2012. It combined river clean up with a kayak initiation for youth and university students. Read more…