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  • Set up your R&S group as an individual, family, school class or community group.
  • Describe your project idea. It must benefit animals, people, and the environment in a sustainable way. It can be split in two or three sub-projects to cover all fields. If you need ideas check our campaigns or educator page!
  • Register it with us so that we can list it on the JGI Belgium and international R&S websites
  • Once it’s up and running, document your project with regular updates and photos.
  • If you need help with something, contact us any time

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Next steps

Once your projects are registered, you will be eligible to present them at the annual Roots&Shoots ceremony in May. If you are selected to make a presentation, your group will be invited and get a certificate of recognition from Dr. Jane Goodall herself!

Your project will feature in the e-newsletter and on the website (register for the newsletter here).
You will be invited to take part in the Giant Peace Dove Parade.

In a later stage, you can apply for Partnerships in Understanding to find a R&S group and start an exchange project with them. This can be a R&S group from another language community in Belgium or a group abroad.

More questions? Check for answer under our Frequently Asked Questions!
Looking for ideas for projects? Check our different campaigns or educator pages.