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The Jane Goodall Institute Belgium is looking for : (h / f)

Volunteers to strenghten its translation team (EN-FR, NL-FR or NL-EN)

The Jane Goodall Institute Belgium is an association that promotes respect for animals, people and the environment in Belgium and abroad. It caters for all communities in Belgium and disseminates its information in French, Dutch and English.

Is your mother tongue French, English or Dutch and do you have an excellent command of at least one other of these three languages? Would you like to join our team of translators? Are you passionate about animals, the environment and human beings and do you, through your translation work, want to contribute to the welfare of all living beings?Do you have a little time to translate texts ranging from a few lines to several pages? By joining our team you will also have an opportunity to get to know our work, our organization and our volunteers.

Your work

As a translator, you will receive regular e-mails with requests for translations. Depending on your availability and the urgency of the task, you will be asked to translate texts for our web page, our promotional and educational material, our posters and our social media.

Using an online application, which lists all the documents which require translation, you can get an overview of the tasks and decide which member of the team should do which translation, depending on availability.

This is not a full-time job, but involves short working sessions spread over long periods. In total there are per week generally between 2 and 6 articles or small texts that need to be translated in FR, EN or NL. The members of the translation team will take up the tasks acccording to availability and urgency.


To apply for this position, you must, as a minimum: :

  • Be fluent in one of the three languages of the organization;
  • Have a good command of at least one of the other two languages. A basic knowledge of English would be advantage because the internal communication in the organization is in that language;
  • Be able to write text in word;
  • Be contactable by e-mail;
  • Be pro-active, so that you can help to ensure that the documents of the organization are translated in a timely fashion.

Our ideal candidate

  • An experienced translator working into Dutch, English or French with a lot of time to translate all our documents, whether web articles or official documents (annual reports, partnership proposals, grant applications etc.)


You will work primarily from your own computer, but you might also occasionally be called upon to work at our offices. Meetings usually take place in Brussels.

Are you interested to become a volunteer for the Jane Goodall Institute Belgium ? Contact  or fill in the volunteering form at the contact page.

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