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We have been hearing about the political turmoil in Burundi for a while now; it is currently resulting in the displacement of populations towards Tanzania.

Burundi refugees

Hundreds of refugees cross the border daily and crowd into tent camps profiling a major humanitarian crisis; Tanzania is struggling with more than 25,000 people and it is difficult for the country to face more.

Last weekend, we have received unsettling news from our colleagues in Kigoma. Thousands seek shelter in schools where they sleep in tents or outdoors. Cholera has appeared and several adults and children have already died while thousands are infected.

There is an urgent need of drinking water and sanitary facilities.

Living conditions are precarious. 17 local Roots & Shoots groups have decided to act and started to dig latrines and bring in drinking water. They need basic equipment such as shovels, soap and bicycles but also financial means to relieve the Burundi refugees.

R&S Tanzania needs your help.

R&S Tanzania

Donate today on the JGI Belgium’s account BE56 5230 8057 9288 mentioning “SOS Tanzania”. Remember, every euro helps.

Heartfelt thanks for you support!

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