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Do you share our passion for Animals, People, and the Environment (APE)? Do you have some time to spare for a good cause? We have need for many different kinds of skills in our organization. A few times per year, we organize introduction meetings for new volunteers. At these events, we find a taylor made role for you in our organization. The first step, however, is to read about our internal working groups below and then fill in our volunteer form.

Our internal working groups for volunteers

Public Relations and Communications Team

This team works on any issues related to public relations and communications for JGI Belgium and its activities. Responsibilities include development and updating of media kits for different actors/audiences, PR and Communication strategy in general and for specific events, creation of publicity materials and contact with the press. This also means work on any promotional material for all programmes in JGI Belgium with the design team, as well as website feedback to the IT team in order to maximize the message of Dr. Goodall and motivate participation in JGI Belgium events.

Design Team

This team will be capable in different softwares in order to help with the design of promotional materials, the website and other documents that require special formatting. This can especially mean creating posters, flyers, buttons, t-shirts, or other promotional material or fundraising initiatives for specific campaigns and events.

Fundraising team

This team helps to organize the fundraising activities for JGI Belgium. This includes mainly organizing or researching potential events such as festivals or fairs, lectures from Dr. Goodall and recruiting new membership and adoption programme participants. It is the job of this team to support any fundraising activities, to help decide the destination for funding, participate in events, delegate and motivate the participation of others in events and programs, as well as adopt ideas from the team for new fundraising activities. It is also the activity of this team to update the JGI Belgium fundraising strategy and timeline of events.

IT/Website Team

The IT team will manage, maintain and update the JGI Belgium website. This includes constant improvement of a website which is available in three languages and the different automated processes for memberships, events and newsletters. The IT team will also work on different fundraising events, in order to ensure logistics (film, PowerPoint presentations, etc.), online registration and other technical issues are appropriately managed. This team will also work on the storage of data for the team, facilitation of online communication among team members, and other technical issues needed in the daily management of the organization.

JGI African Programmes Team

This team will work on the promotion and fundraising for the JGI African R&S programmes. This includes proposals for new projects, collaborative fundraising efforts, visits or volunteer communication, and any other initiative that will involve the participation in or funding of African R&S programmes. Currently this is a small initiative, but we welcome ideas of motivated individuals.

Membership/Adoption Team

This team will support the membership and adoption initiatives for JGI Belgium. This means improving the membership base and structure, maintenance of memberships, and the recruitment of new members. This involves communication to new audiences and well as reminders to current members. This team will work closely with the fundraising team in order to do this outreach, with the PR and communications team in order to help target audiences with appropriate materials, and with the IT team in order to automate certain membership or adoption processes (mailing lists, online payments, etc.). It is also important for them to give news to the newsletter team if there is information to be shared to members or those who are adopting chimps.

Translation and proofreading Team

This team will provide translation/proofreading support in French, English and Dutch for existing and new materials for JGI Belgium. This includes the translation/proofreading of articles for the website and e-news, as well as promotional materials for the organization or certain events, press releases, and grant proposals. It would also be helpful to have translators at specific events where we know there will be multi-lingual audiences.

Office Support

This team will deal with daily administrative tasks, as well as communication support.

Photographers Team

This group will be responsible for taking photos at different JGI Belgium events. This means that the team needs to assign specific events to individuals and then send their best photos to the newsletter team, the IT team for the website, and any other group that is in need of visual aids for their materials or activities.

Roots&Shoots Guidance Team

This group focuses on the Roots&Shoots (R&S) programme development and maintenance in Belgium. This includes working on informing R&S promotion and materials, contacting potential schools and supporting current schools in the program. They will work to help inform the newsletter and website information on R&S in Belgium (in collaboration with the newsletter/writers and IT teams, respectively), and be supported by the fundraising team to recruit more participants and funds for the expansion of the programme in Belgium. This group is also responsible for helping to organize any R&S ceremonies or events, communicating news and answering any R&S-related questions.

Writers team

This team is responsible for writing articles and the R&S news for the website and our e-newsletter. The team will come up with themes for the e-newsletters and also check with other JGIs to see if other information can be shared in Belgium about JGI global activities. They will also work with the translation team in order to provide each article in English, French and Dutch. They will also work with the African programs and R&S guidance teams in order to stay informed and disseminate information about these two JGI Belgium areas of activity.

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