jane What we do

The Jane Goodall Institute is not just about chimpanzees. JGI Belgium promotes respect for Animals, People and Environment (APE) in Belgium and abroad. All our campaigns in Belgium make a link between local and global issues; and by involving local underprivileged youth we add a social dimension to our activities.

JGI Belgium is a small organization with an enthusiastic team of passionate and skilled volunteers. This adds a strong and personal dimension to our people-centered conservation programmes.

Our holistic approach to integrate animals, people, and the environment and to combine local and global issues makes it sometimes difficult to summarize our work in one breath. We are convinced, though, that it is indispensable to respect the inter-connectedness of all living beings on this planet. Our Roots&Shoots groups make a difference in their own neighbourhood and care for animals or people in need wherever they can.

Have a look at our campaigns combining the local and global dimensions. Each of our selected JGI Projects of Hope abroad is linked to one of our national campaigns in Belgium. Through these projects, the Jane Goodall’s Roots&Shoots groups learn about the heartwarming young people making a difference in their communities abroad and how they themselves can become change-makers and ”solutionaires” in Belgium. Companies, institutions and individual donors can play a crucial role as catalyst in providing the seed money for these small-scale projects to multiply and succeed.