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Button Template - RnSBBananafullbunchIf you want to learn about the Tchimpounga orphanage and the baby chimps to adopt, click on the bananas.

Below you can find out more about how to adopt a chimp, how to feed the baby chimps with some bananas in Congo, which books you can read about Jane living in the jungle and following her dream, about the games available on this website, or how to do something for Animals, People and Environment (APE) with Roots&Shoots. time of milk

Icon chimpChimp Guardian Junior programme

You can adopt Lemba, Mbebo, or Mambou for 25 euro each through our Chimp Guardian Junior programme. With this money, the care takers at Tchimpounga can buy many more bananas this year and can give your chimp some vaccinations and medical care when he or she gets sick.

You will receive one of the buttons:

Lemba button
Mambou button
Mbebo button

And their passport!

Chimp passport
Lemba Passport

Our games

If you want to do our word jumble, make a mask, complete the jungle maze, or other games check our games corner

Take action!

RS buttonIf you want to do something more for Animals, People and the Environment, join Roots&Shoots with your class or friends! Click on the Roots&Shoots logo here to find out more.

icon phone
You can start a project today, by collecting mobile phones in your neighbourhood or at your school !

Or by planting some trees at your school or at our annual tree planting event.
plant tree

All information on this page is available in English, French and Dutch