Reforestation in Belgium and Africa

Chimpanzee protection

Youth empowerment



How the Jane Goodall Institute has a positive impact

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Roots & Shoots participants in nearly 100 countries


Communities in Africa are directly supported by JGI programmes

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Trees have been planted in Burundi thanks to Roots & Shoots programmes.

Chimpanzees are cared for at the sanctuary in the Republic of Congo

Our main work

Forest planting

For every tree planted in Belgium a tree is planted in Africa to restore chimpanzee habitat.

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Chimpanzee protection

We recognize the urgent need to protect all chimpanzees, especially those that have been injured or orphaned.

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Youth Empowerment

Through hands-on learning Roots & Shoots equips young people to become agents of community change.

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Discover the life-changing experience of Vasiliki, who met young change-makers from 26 countries, during the R&S Leadership Gathering at Windsor Castle.

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Jane Goodall Institute Belgium is looking for an Executive Director who will manage all activities of the organisation. Interested?

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Join us in celebrating World Chimpanzee Day on July 14, 2019!

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Jane Goodall visited us in Belgium in March 2019 and shared her vision and message of hope.

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