Reforestation in Belgium and Africa

Chimpanzee protection

Youth empowerment



How the Jane Goodall Institute makes a difference

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Roots & Shoots participants in nearly 100 countries


Villages in the Democratic Republic of Congo partnered with us to build clinics and implement a vaccination programme

People living along a wildlife corridor gained access to clean water

Chimpanzees are cared for at the newly expanded sanctuary in the Republic of Congo

Our work

Forest planting

For every tree planted in Belgium a tree is planted in Africa to restore chimpanzee habitat.

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Chimpanzee protection

We recognize the urgent need to protect all chimpanzees, especially those that have been injured or orphaned.

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Youth Empowerment

In more than 130 countries, the Roots & Shoots global network connects youth of all ages who share a desire to help make a difference.

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The Gombe Masito Ugalla ecosystem was acknowledged as an official Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO!

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What happens if you bring 24 young Roots & Shoots’ers from all over the world together to spend an entire week at Windsor with Dr. Jane Goodall?

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Dr. Jane Goodall and other wildlife activists are some of the unexpected entrants in a lottery to hunt up to 22 grizzly bears near Yellowstone national park.

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JGI Belgium and Levi’s® teamed up with KayaClean and Dinant Evasion to clean the Lesse River.

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