The institute

Our vision

A healthy planet where people make compassionate choices to live sustainably and in harmony with each other, the environment and other animals.

Our purpose

Daily our volunteers and sponsors work to bring to life Jane Goodall’s dream to live in harmony with nature.

We do this through our forest and garden planting events that create ecosystems and support local communities. Through our youth empowerment programme, we guide young people in Belgium on the importance of leading a sustainable life style and becoming humanitarian leaders. And we relentlessly create awareness on the need to protect endangered primates such as chimpanzees.

We are proud of our efforts. They make a difference to local communities each day in Belgium and Africa.

Our belief

We believe that every single individual matters and can make an impact on the planet every day.
We believe we can make a difference through our focused approach on 3 key initiatives:  tree planting programmes in Belgium and Africa, our youth empowerment programme Roots & Shoots and our chimpanzee guardianship initiatives in Africa.

Photo credits: (hero image)  Frédéric Demeuse/JGIB, (1ste) JGI Burundi, (2nd) Fernando Turmo/JGI Congo, (3rd) Ingrid Bezikofer/JGIB