Special advisors

Our Special Advisors are volunteers who offer a supporting role to the Executive Director and the Board members on specific matters and on key issues such as media, political, strategy, fundraising or policy expertise. Their duty is to assist and advise on knowledgeable areas or specific projects.

Special advisors to Jane Goodall Institute Belgium are:

Erwin De Spiegeleire

Erwin De Spiegeleire
Erwin is a Belgian national who worked in marketing, restructuring and corporate finance for large companies. He advises on fundraising.
What do you do?: I work for an automotive company on a strategic e-mobility project.
What can you bring to JGIB? I will also endeavor to make a number of fundraising agreements in order to enable the agenda of JGI in Belgium in particular and worldwide whenever possible.
What attracted you to JGIB? The time seems right for me to contribute to bigger causes as we enter decades of climate disruption requiring mobilization of all energies across all continents.

Sandra Moreau

Sandra Moreau
Sandra is a French national who has lived and worked in nine different countries on three continents. She advises on Burundi, processes, procedures and reporting.
What do you do?: I work for the European Youth Forum (an NGO advocating for youth rights) in Brussels as Director of Finances and Operations.
What can you bring to JGIB? I can share my knowledge and experience I accumulated over the years and volunteering for a cause I believe in.
What attracted you to JGIB? I am passionate about protecting our poor planet which is suffering due to weak policies and public institutions that seem unable to sustain a green environment in the short, medium or long term.

Iva Tsvetkova
Iva Tsvetkova
Iva is Bulgarian having settled in Brussels 20 years ago. She is a vivid art and books lover. She advises on financial and accounting topics.
What do you do?: I am a finance professional and have worked primarily in the private sector.
What can you bring to JGIB? I believe my experience in process efficiency and transparency can be beneficial to a non profit organization like JGIB.
What attracted you to JGIB? I admire the nature conservation work of Jane Goodall and her efforts to raise awareness on environmental issues globally, her drive and integrity are truly fascinating.

Photo credits: (2nd) Candice Peeters