• therapy dolphin at an aquarium in Lithuania

    Why Captive Dolphins should be moved to Seaside Sanctuaries

    Open letter to Flemish Parliament: give Bruges dolphins a future with well-being

  • stop dolfinaria

    No dolphinarium, including the one in Bruges, can comply

    No dolphinarium, including the one in Bruges, can meet the needs of these magnificent marine mammals.

  • rescued pigs at farm sanctuary

    Factory farms: reasons for adopting a plant-based diet

    One of the simplest ways of helping animals, the environment and humanity is shifting from factory-farmed animal products to a…

  • sad chimp

    Chimpanzees killed in Swedish Zoo Furuviksparken

    It is with great sadness we learn that at least three chimpanzees were shot on 14th of December in Furuviksparken…

  • pakawi park wereld chimpansee dag

    Pakawi Park 2022

    JGI Belgium was present with a stand in the beautiful zoo Pakawi Park in Olmen to honour World Chimpanzee Day.

  • world chimp day logo

    World Chimpanzee Day 2022

    On 17 July 2022 JGI Belgium will be a guest at Pakawi Park to celebrate World Chimpanzee Day,

  • Screening Animal 22 may 2022

    Public screening documentary ‘Animal’

    Film 'Animal' by Cyril Dion on the occasion of the International day Of Biodiversity.

  • animal welfare

    Improving animal welfare is in the interest of all of us

    Animal welfare not only benefits millions of farmed animals, but also the quality and safety of our food, health and…

  • world-chimp-day-header

    World Chimpanzee Day 2021

    From 10 to 14 July, Jane Goodall Institute Belgium will be present in the Botanical Garden in Meise to celebrate…

  • world chimpanzee day 2021


    Raise your voice to #GiveAPANTHOOT for chimpanzees.