Democratizing and Turning Data into Action

Democratizing and Turning Data into Action
14/03/2017 Webmaster

democratizing data

JGI has been working with geospatial technology partners to combine high resolution imagery provided by satellite and unmanned aerial vehicle sensors with GIS platforms to identify the threats to chimpanzee habitat at the village and landscape levels.

In Western Tanzania, JGI is linking this information with raw data collected by Forest Monitors (FMs) using Android smartphones, tablets and open source data collection apps. They then create dashboards that provide a visual of simple and easy-to-use information which then helps decision-makers map and visualize the distribution of wildlife and illegal human activities. For example, users can plot and compare villages based on the number of observations, total days patrolled or total kilometres patrolled, to have a better understanding of the community forest monitoring efforts or chart specific wildlife and threats reported village by village.

During the launch and training attended by dozens of representatives from development organizations and government departments, the participants learned how the Global Forest Watch satellites, which provide information on changes in vegetation worldwide, can be leveraged to target monitoring efforts more efficiently and effectively, facilitating local engagement and ensuring more sustainable and impactful conservation decision-making and actions.

To hear Jane Goodall speak more on this subject, and to see the forest monitors in action, have a look at this recent report by CNN.