Forest in One Day 2022

Forest in One Day 2022
12/01/2022 Webmaster

Let’s grow a more sustainable future

Forests are of crucial importance to the environment. They are air purifiers and health boosters that are habitat to a lot of fauna and flora. Their ecological value is enormous. It therefore goes without saying that our green friends are important for the wellbeing of all living creatures and that of the Earth.

On February 6th 2022 (except Crisnée February 13th 2022), together with our partners Luminus, De Bosgroepen and Sylva Nova, we are organizing a tree planting day. As the name ‘Forest in one day’ suggests: we want to plant a forest (at 3 different locations) in one day. In addition, a multitude of each of the trees planted, will be planted in Burundi, Africa.

The target is to plant about 18,000 trees in one day. Which means we can definitely use a helping hand! Would you love to contribute to a greener future? At our event, not only can you help plant some trees, you can also get acquainted with fellow nature enthusiasts, get to know the goals of the Jane Goodall Institute Belgium and learn more about reforestation and the importance of biodiversity. On top of that, there are some fun activities for kids and after all the hard work, young and old can have their pictures taken in the photo booth. A beautiful, meaningful memory on paper!

Practical details

Forest in one day is organized at 3 different locations in Belgium: Halen, Waasmunster and Crisnée. At each location we will be planting a selection of native seedlings and ‘climate smart species’. Planting these in ecologically appropriate regions can promote local biodiversity, strengthen ecosystem resilience, and could even reduce the effects of climate change.
Green thumbs are not required! Forestry experts De Bosgroepen and Sylva Nova will accompany us to ensure that everything runs smoothly. If during the tree planting activities you feel the need to regain your strength or warm up a little, don’t worry, there will be some hotcakes and delicious warm beverages to enjoy!

Text: Falke Bogaerts