Forest in One Day Schepdaal

Forest in One Day Schepdaal
14/02/2023 Webmaster

Status as of 12/02: Success!

More than 3.000 trees were planted thanks to the work of Jane Goodall Institute Belgium, UPS, Bosgroep Vlaams-Brabant and so many people and volunteers.

A beautiful deciduous forest will now develop in the future years where a poplar forest formerly stood. This new biodiverse forest, which will remain there for future generations to enjoy, will be more durable and ecologically significant.

As Jane explains, “There is a great force unleashed when young people resolve to make a change.” The sight of people of all ages, from 3-year-olds to seniors, planting trees together served as a reminder of the mission of JGI: getting our hands dirty and taking action.

Due to the success of this tree planting, students participating in the Roots & Shoots programme will plant many more trees throughout Burundi, further demonstrating how, for the Jane Goodall Institute, everything is interconnected.

Images: Uli Schillebeeckx / JGIB